Alcohol and metal have a long standing alliance. So it comes as no surprise that many upscale metal acts have released their own brands of alcohol over time. Names like Iron Maiden, Slayer, and Motörhead come to mind when it comes to brewing.

Well it looks like the sludge pros in Mastodon are the newest addition on this list. They’ve released their brand of “Black Tongue” beer and it’s a “pallet crusher”. To be more specific, it’s an 8.3% double black IPA brewed in association with Signature Brew. You can order it here.

We actually had the opportunity to interview drummer Brann Dailor over the Summer. We asked what his favorite alcoholic beverage was and it basically boiled down to double and triple IPAs. So this move from the band only makes sense.

You can go ahead and watch the bands trailer for the beer along with our interview with Brann below.

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