After last year’s self-released 3-track EP “The Cloud Gatherer”, the Floridian crew of metal maniacs in Ovid’s Withering have brought forth more creative genius by the release of their first full-length album “Scryers of the Ibis”. This twelve track banger, released by Subliminal Groove Records, is a must grab!

Head on over to Bandcamp to purchase a downloadable copy of “Scryers of the Ibis” or for a CD visit here.

And did we mention the entire album is now available for streaming? CHECK OUT THE FULL ALBUM STREAM! And be on the lookout for Ovid’s Withering on “The Scryers of the Ibis Tour” all throughout November.


1. Earthshaker I

2. Earthshaker II

3. Oedipus Complex

4. Murder to Dissect


6. Winter in Tomis

7. Acheron

8. The Omen of Lycaon

9. The God of Shepherds and Flocks

10. Falsehood of Blasphemous Voices

11. The Reckoning. The Summoning. The Purge.

12. Panikon Deima


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