There are plenty of incredible solo artists in the world, but Plini may have taken the cake for 2013. This is why we had him featured as our Artist of the Week not too long ago. His latest EP “Sweet Nothings” (review here) and it’s predecessor “Other Things” (review here) both came out this year in absolute triumph. They bring a number of elements in an awe-inspiring instrumental package including bits of Fusion, Prog Rock / Metal,  healthy experimentation, etc.

We recently conducted an interview with the one and only Plini. Be sure to read up and learn below!


P = Plini

MT = Mike Thall

MT – You just dropped an excellent new EP “Sweet Nothings” to follow up “Other Things”. What all went into creating those?

P – A fair bit of time and a lot of sitting around! The writing and recording of the first 80% of both releases only took a day or two per song, but I get scared when something is almost “finished” and hesitate to call it done. The stuff on Sweet Nothings was actually close to finished a few months before I recorded Other Things – I was just more confident to put out the stuff on Other Things (most of the orchestral parts on Sweet Nothings didn’t exist until a couple weeks before I released it) so it got to come out first!

MT – What was is like transitioning between the two releases?

P – I had a lot better of an idea of what to do/how to do it with “Sweet Nothings”, because for whatever reason, the reception of the music and art of “Other Things” far exceeded my expectations, so it was kinda like “oh yeah I’ll do it like that again, that worked last time…” And then the reception of Sweet Nothings exceed my expectations yet again!

MT – Is there anything you can tell us about the third EP in the “Other Things” trilogy?

P – Right now it only exists in my memory and a couple of very short clip. But I feel like overall it will be bigger and more dense, but also smaller and frail. The heaviest, but also the softest, and definitely the best. You will buy it.

MT – How did the EPs get their names?

P – It was going to be an album – “Things” – and “Other Things” (as a sorta bonus EP) but I decided to arrange it into a story/trilogy and not emphasise one or the other. So yeah.

MT – Any favorite songs from the new EP?

P – I like how Tarred & Feathered came out, it was purely acoustic guitars and drums until a week or so before releasing it I decided to go all out. I also love the solos Gru and Stevo did, and Luke’s playing (especially the ending) on Sweet Nothings. But I basically have a love/hate relationship with everything I write, so it’s hard to pick a fave.

MT – How has the response been?

P – Stupidly good, very surreal. Having a box of CDs that I made in my room and sending them to addresses all over the world to make people happy is one of the strangest and most awesome things I’ve ever done. Also discovering that some of the musicians I really admire have somehow found my music and enjoy it/share it with their fans is CRAZY.

MT – How did you get your name, Plini?

P – It was from a book (The Glass Bead Game) my mum was reading when I was a baby.

MT – How did your solo career get started up?

P – I wouldn’t call it a career just yet… but I started recording stuff a few years ago and eventually felt optimistic enough to put it online (back in the days of myspace and soundclick, good times). People seemed to enjoy it, shit happens!

MT – How do you typically go about writing music?

P – I fuck around a lot until something worthwhile happens and then I see where I can go with it! Normally it’s a guitar riff with a drum feel. Then I just keep building it up until it feels like anymore would be too much. After the first half a minute or so is written I tend to get a picture in my head of the overall form of the song, which I then arrange it to.

MT – Who or what inspires ya?

P – People, music, art, nature, science, feelings. The main musical ones at the moment are Steven Wilson, Ulf Wakenius, Justin Timberlake and CHON.

MT – Do you play live at all?

P – I played at my high school once.

MT – Did anything crazy happen at that show?

P – People clapped, I was surprised.

MT – I’m not! If you could collab with any artists in the world, who would they be?

P – The ones that (I hope) will happen soon are Sithu Aye, Mario from CHON, Aaron from Intervals… and many more. A couple of dream collabs would be like Steven Wilson or Kimbra or something.

MT – What are your plans for the rest of 2013 / early 2014?

P – Got a little side project I’ve been working on for a while that will be coming out at the end of November and then I’m having a lil holiday. After that I’m gonna get stuck into figuring out how the trilogy ends!

MT – Here’s the fun round… Plini plise take my moni?

P – With pleasure!

MT – Anything you want to say to the fans out there?

P – You all rule and I am extremely grateful and can’t wait to release more music and hopefully start touring and meeting you lovely people soon! <3

MT – Thanks for your time! Seriously… take my money

P – Seriously… I will. And you’re welcome!


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