The time has come yet again for Warped Tour to start leaking information bit by bit. 203 days until the show officially begins and the dates are now available for your scrutiny. Take a look below.

December 4th is the day to really keep in mind as three major events will take place for the tour. First and foremost, the tickets will go up for sale. Second, the band announcements will begin. And third, Warped Roadies will return for a second season (actually very entertaining and informative for anyone interested in the tour).

While you’re waiting for all of this, check our Warped Tour coverage from the past two years and watch the first episode of Warped Roadies first season.


06/14 Salt Lake City, UT

06/15 Denver, CO

06/17 Albuquerque, NM

06/18 Mesa, AZ

06/20 Pomona, CA

06/21 San Francisco, CA

06/22 Ventura, CA

06/25 San Diego, CA

06/26 Las Vegas, NV

06/28 Seattle, WA

06/29 Portland, OR

07/02 St. Louis, MO

07/03 Indianapolis, IN

07/04 Toronto, ON

07/05 Montreal, QC

07/06 Holmdel, NJ

07/08 Darien Center, NY

07/09 Scranton, PA

07/10 Boston, MA

07/11 Camden, NJ

07/12 New York, NY

07/13 Hartford, CT

07/15 Pittsburgh, PA

07/16 Cincinnati, OH

07/17 Cuyahoga Falls, OH

07/18 Detroit, MI

07/19 Chicago, IL

07/20 Minneapolis, MN

07/22 Columbia, MD

07/23 Virginia Beach, VA

07/24 Atlanta, GA

07/25 St. Petersburg, FL

07/26 West Palm Beach, FL

07/27 Orlando, FL

07/28 Charlotte, NC

07/30 Milwaukee, WI

07/31 Kansas City, KS

08/01 Dallas, TX

08/02 San Antonio, TX

08/03 Houston, TX


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