Mendel is truly one of those artists that should not be missed. Hailing from The Netherlands, he’s out to bend minds with instrumental greatness. Citing the legnedary composer Bach as his main influence and displaying incredible talent, it’s not hard to see why his music ends up as a breathtaking experience through and through.

Currently, he has two new releases on the way. An album and an EP to be specific. However, all of his previous material is available for a “name your price” download on Bandcamp! This includes the (beyond) full-length masterpiece “Subliminal Colors” and the single “I Shaking Hands With The Devil” from the upcoming EP of the same name.

This is some serious free music. Each track is a magnificently structured mammoth of metal shred. Speedy drumming plows a trail for the axes to pierce through cleanly. Visually, Mendel is a souped up Viking war ship slicing through black ocean.

“Subliminal Colors” is a massive 73 minute vivid collage of technical progressive metal.  Even featured is a 25 minute…song?  I guess its technically considered a “song” although I’ve seen less music called an album. Again, its amazing that owning this masterpiece only costs megabytes.  For fans of The Human Abstract, Francesco Artusato, and Intervals. Go pick dat up on Bandcamp!



Links: Facebook // Bandcamp