Ever spend sleepless nights wishing for new Necrophagist? No? Good, your mental health is somewhat intact. But I know we’re not the only people who miss the hell out of that band.

On that note, here’s some GREAT news! I’ll let the drummer explain…


My name is Romain Goulon, I’m a drummer and composer from Cannes, France, and play drums for NECROPHAGIST. This time I want to put out my first Brutal Death Metal album in years with my new band project called ‘MONUMENT OF MISANTHROPY’.

I decided to set up a crowdfunding campaign to have full control of the production but also artistic freedom. A professional album-production takes a lot of time, commitment and – yes – last not least also money.

In order to being able to independently deliver you the most brutal and best sounding production + an awesome cover, booklet & T-shirt design, I need YOUR help.
If you share this view of how metal music should be produced, please help me and my bandmates to make this album happen!
In many ways this feels like a return to what metal was and again should be all about!


Support em HERE!

Links: Facebook // Indiegogo