Every once and awhile, you come across a band whose name who fits them perfectly. Unhuman is exactly that band. This music does not sound as if it’s been conceived by humans… or at the very least, no ordinary humans. Unhuman is psychotically great. From the drums up to the vocals, every element of their sound is chaotic, complex, greatly varied, and very damn original. They’ve packaged this up to bring an unworldly, experimental Death Metal assault to the Earth’s unsuspecting human population.

Legend has it, Unhuman is from the very much human hot spot known as Montréal. They’ve been going at it independently on and off since the 90s, steam rolling all those in their path \m/ However, they’ve never brought forth a full-length album until now with their self-titled release. Previously, they put out demos in 1999 and 2001.

The musicians in this band are absolutely brilliant. Youri Raymond (ex-Cryptopsy, Secret Chiefs 3) leads the charge with his unearthly vocal ability and guitar skill. He pushes his voice in ways you wouldn’t believe possible, greatly expanding on his ability since past works (which is saying a lot!), and giving one of the best (if not the best) Death Metal vocal performances of the year. The incredible Kevin Chartré (also of Beyond Creation) shreds over all as the band’s lead guitarist. He deals serious damage and taste throughout the album. As always, Mr. Chartré shows to be a musician of an impossibly high caliber. Mathieu Bérubé delivers a mind blowing effort with his seven string bass, more than diligently supporting his fellow stringsmen. And lastly, Alexandre Dupras executes difficult drumming with startling efficiency. There’s no doubt this is a solid line-up.

Unhuman’s debut album is like holding dynamite. Wait until it explodes. Every single track has something awesome and backwards original to offer. Whether it be the extreme, next level vocals spelling out the narrative of a song or a soul shredding musical arrangement, every detailed second is worth your attention. Obviously I enjoy the whole album but some of my favorite tracks would have to be “Chaotic Equilibrium”, “Mutants War”, “Once Again”, “(In)Human Being”, and the closer “Individual Timeless Reality”. Check ’em out.

Even if this isn’t your chalice of tea in the realm of heavy music, it’s hard to draw your attention away from the furiously organized, face melting chaos and stellar musicianship. It’s pretty much a given that not everyone out there will enjoy an album like this. But no matter what, listening to “Unhuman” will evoke a notable reaction of some sort.

This album could be considered aural overload. It’s impressive to behold but it only gets better as you allow your brain to sink in. Rich details will spiral into focus and illuminate the trained ear. This is more than one of the best Death Metal albums of 2013, it’s damn near a masterpiece. Inhumane.

All in all, Unhuman did an exceedingly superb job in constructing their debut. It’s damn near undeniable in it’s energy and exhibition of unrestrained talent. It’s highly recommended you give them a try. If you enjoy the auditory psychosis, grab “Unhuman” HERE or HERE and put it on blast! Look forward to what this band is capable of pulling in the future. Until then, au revoir.


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