Some of you may be wondering why this is posted on Free Music Monday. This was free when I set up the segment the other night. Now it seems as if Siegewyrm have hit their Bandcamp download cap. It may be available for a "name your price" download again! It may not… Guess we'll see. In the mean time, jam the music!

Dragons are possibly the most metal creatures to never exist. Wyrm’s are the most metal of all dragons. Wise, ferocious, and well… it’s a god damn elder dragon. Now imagine one of these things tearing down a castle and spitting out the bones of the newly deceased. Now we’re really talking metal \m/

Hailing from New York, Siegewyrm provides an interesting Heavy Metal sound with Progressive, Doom, Black, and even some Death Metal influences mixed in. They dropped their debut “Legends of the Oathsworn” late in 2012. Now they've followed it up by packing a new fire breathing punch. Their sophomore album "Harvest Begins" was just unleashed upon the world!

It's available on Bandcamp. Stream that metal below!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Twitter // Bandcamp