Chugs…chugs everywhere! Just kidding. This stuff is actually pretty damn cool. The guys in Astraeus have already shown they’re able to deliver some djenty groove with their EP “Solipsis”, a small 4 tracks work released in Spring 2012 and still available for a free download on their Bandcamp page.

After a long silent period they’re now about to release a new EP called “Mirrors” which already features stunning artwork. The EP is still in the making and shall see the light in June, but now we can get an idea of the quality this instrumental project has reached: the new single “Transfixed Estate” has been uploaded to the band’s YouTube page. It might not be that original but this has some really sweet djent groove and a sick sound. This is exactly what I would give to someone asking me what the djent sound is like. Go give the track a listen and if you enjoy, go download the older EP as well (right HERE). And of course, don’t forget to support the band on their social pages!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp