Apparently there’s a rift in the legendary Swedish Death Metal band Entombed, which has now become two separate bands – “Entombed” and now “Entombed A.D.”. One can only speculate what caused the split between original members Lars Göran Petrov and Alex Hellid but the fact stands that they’re no longer together in a functioning band.

The Lars Göran Petrov camp let loose with the following statement, making it official:


LG Petrov, Nico Elgstrand, Olle Dahlstedt and Victor Brand is hereby announcing that the album, recorded with Roberto Laghi, “Back To The Front” will come out under the name Entombed A.D.

LG Petrov will only perform with Entombed A.D. LG will not take part of any upcoming shows announced under the name Entombed.

“Back To The Front” is right now being scheduled for a spring release.



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