It looks like Testament aren’t merely writing a new album… They’re hoping to have it out this year! In a somewhat recent interview with Ghostcultmag.com, frontman Chuck Billy had the following to say:


“We start January 1st. We’re gonna take the first three or four months off to write to start off the year, and then get the album out by summer. We’re on a pretty good wave right now, so let’s not slow down. So let’s put together a new record and put ten new songs out there. Let’s keep it going! When everybody gets off the road, everybody does there own thing, and does what they enjoy too.

Then we all come back together to do Testament stuff, it makes it all that much more special. We’re like “alright, we’re all back together!” I’m really happy to have Gene around too. I have Dublin Death Patrol, which is a lot of fun for me. You know, everyone in the band is busy, and I wanted to be busy too!

So I wanted to do a record. It started out as just a bunch of friends. Me and “Zet” [Steve “Zetro” Souza] have been friends for a long time. And the rest of the guys are just my friends and it was just for fun, but now we’ve gotten a two records out of it.”


The rest of the interview is also worth the read. And of course the music below is worth the listen, so get on with it!

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