I know I’m posting too much Italian stuff lately, but there are just too many good bands here releasing new albums and you need to listen to them! After Destrage’s new album, I swear I’ll stop it! Meanwhile listen to this and I’m sure you’ll forgive me.

Remember Ready Set Fall? They’re a modern Italian metalcore band we presented in one of the website’s early posts. I guess it was still 2012… Well, the guys got signed by Lifeforce Records a few months ago for the release of their debut album “Memento” which shall see the light on February 21st (Europe) and again on March 4th (North America). The band has more or less forseen the sound which has now become a standard for the metalcore scene and they’re now here to claim their role.

The first track off the new album is called “Deceiving Lights” and it has a sick music video to boot. The track is sick with tight riffage, a sweet chorus, and a final breakdown to remember! Give the new track a listen and keep an eye on Ready Set Fall for the release of their debut album!

Links: Facebook // Twitter // American Store // European Store