If you live in Southern California then you have to check this out! On February 9th the all-in-one entertainment company Grizzly Productions is hosting “The Grizzly Den Grand Opening Bash” in Pomona California with The Golden State’s local heroes Lion I Am and Wrath Of Vesuvius. These two California heavyweights along with, Milestone, Overseer, Cause 7 Ate 9, Lights In The Sky, and Brevaria are no doubt the perfect ingredients to a concoction that guarantees night of non-stop mosh madness. So be sure to gather all your friends and come out to The Grizzly Den on February 9th and support your local music scene! \m/

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Wrath Of Vesuvius: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram: @wrathofvesuvius

Milestone: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram: @milestoneca

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