Legendary Death Metallers Aborted have let loose with the details surrounding their eighth studio album, “The Necrotic Manifesto”. The venture will be released April 29th in North America and the day before in Europe through Century Media Records. Their frontman, Sven de Caluwé, had the following to say about the upcoming record.

“I can’t believe we did it to be honest. We had a little over 3 months from start to master on this record– everyone really gave 300% on this record, and it was an absolute pleasure to work with Jacob (Hansen) once again, who really pulled the best out of all our asses. I can say in all honesty that ‘The Necrotic Manifesto‘ is without a doubt the strongest record Aborted has done thus far and could not be more proud of everyone involved in the project.

It is the most brutal, extreme and technical record of the band without losing sight of groove and catchiness, which are all vital elements of this band. We cannot wait to get out there and start playing some new material in front of people and get some feedback on what we did in these intense months. Besides this I am very thrilled to have some of my favorite vocalists on this record as guests. Both Phlegethon (Wormed) and Vincent Bennett (The Acacia Strain) brought their own brand of burp to the table and really complemented the songs they are on! The artwork has been done by Par Olofsson (Pathology, Immolation, Immortal).”

Feast your eyes on the official tracklisting and album art. below. Also, give a listen to a teaser HERE!

01 – “Six Feet Of Foreplay”
02 – “The Extirpation Agenda”
03 – “Necrotic Manifesto”
04 – “An Enumeration Of Cadavers”
05 – “Your Entitlement Means Nothing”
06 – “The Davidian Deceit”
07 – “Coffin Upon Coffin”
08 – “Chronicles Of Detruncation”
09 – “Sade & Libertine Lunacy”
10 – “Die Verzweiflung”
11 – “Excremental Veracity”
12 – “Purity Of Perversion”
13 – “Of Dead Skin & Decay”
14 – “Cenobites”

Also be sure to look out for Aborted on the “Kill The Elite of North America Tour” with Kataklysm!


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