And now the moment we’ve all been waiting for! Animals As Leaders just officially announced their forthcoming third studio album, “The Joy Of Motion”. They did so with the teaser video found below. So far, it’s sounding damn tasty.

The official release date will be March 25th, 2014. You heard right. New Animals As Leaders next month!

Pre-orders will be coming very soon. While you wait, check out our interview with Tosin Abasi and Javier Reyes for even more info on the new album down below. Also don’t forget to book tickets to their upcoming shows with After The Burial, CHON, and Navene-K (more info HERE). Stay tuned for much more!


There’s a brand new single called “Tooth And Claw”! In regards to their previous work, this leans closer to their debut record than “Weightless”. However, obviously, it brings a direction of it’s own into the mix. Very cool, catchy, material here. Give it a good listen below!

The official album art has also been made official. Find it at the bottom of this preview.

Aaand a new single, “Lippincott”!


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