Recently, while speaking with Rolling Stone and Billboard respectively, Chino Moreno let loose with the following info on the future of Deftones.

“We just finished a tour, so we’re gonna take the rest of the year off. We’re gonna start writing some music early next year. I just moved to Oregon and Stephen is down in L.A. and Abe and Frank are in Sacramento, and Sergio is in Europe. The idea is to just get together. The last couple records, we just threw ourselves into a small room and started playing.

We just work organically, which I think works better than me writing a song and saying, “Hey guys, learn this.” Hopefully in February we’ll spend a couple weeks together, and just kind of get together and write music.”

“(We’re) eager to start writing music”

“It’s not like we can show up in each other’s houses anymore; We have to plan it out and get into a room. We’ll go lock ourselves in a room for a couple of weeks and start making some noise and see what comes out. We took that approach on the last couple of records and it seemed to work. So it’s just figuring out a time frame. We’ll work it out.”

While we wait for this to happen, be sure to jam the music below!

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