So, the other day I choked on a pot of coffee, when a peer from the local scene forwarded me the link to a teaser. The teaser belonged to a band called Evil Conscience, who are gearing up to release their debut EP. Evil Conscience has been around longer than I know, previously operating under the moniker “Death Is Only the Beginning” AKA DIOT-b, however their debut kept getting delayed due to some nagging issue or the other. With their debut just around the corner, the band gave me a sneak preview from the EP and needless to say it’s some of the juiciest and darkest Technical Death metal my ears had the pleasure of being butchered by. Scroll down to get the lowdown on what’s in store from Calcuttan Tech Death’s finest:

Here’s an older version of the track “Grim Shutdown”:

Evil Conscience is a 5-piece Technical Death Metal band are looking to get signed obviously. Their debut EP has been titled after their old moniker “Death is Only the Beginning”, and comprises of 6 tracks:

1. Conspiracy theory

2. Mammoth rivalry

3. Death is only the beginning

 4. Grim shutdown

5. Sweet pleasure butchery

Influenced by gargantuan Death Metal forefathers such as Cannibal Corpse and Necrophagist and the more recent Gorod and Spawn of Possession, Evil Conscience’ Death Is Only The Beginning conceptualizes the inner and outer state of a psychotic individual coming to terms with his gore-smeared psyche. The band had the following to comment about the tracks on the album:

Conspiracy Theory: – Some obstacles are harder to understand. They deceive us with their lies and make us believe what they want us to believe in order to hide their true intentions. This song speaks of an individual realizing that his\her life has all been a fake and all that he\she has come to believe is not real. The torn soul spills out wrath to all who comes in its way as he\she comes to term with the truth.

Mammoth Rivalry: – Some obstacles look to be insurmountable for an individual to handle but one should never give up in spite of the obvious consequences. This song tells about a desperate individual isolated by circumstances and the only way to live honorably would be to face his\her worst fears. The songs tells about the spirit of never giving up, about facing death honorably without fear and overcoming unimaginable obstacles and conquering one’s ambition.

Grim Shutdown: –  Some of the toughest obstacles that we face is our own inability to accept defeat, to accept the death of a near and dear person or a sudden and unexpected break-up of a close relation. We all have faced these sort of situations and we all know how it feels. It is the shut-down of a person’s mental persona of his life before coming in terms with his\her own destiny.

Death is only the beginning: – Even if all is lost and nothing can be done, even if a person is imprisoned and sentenced to death, one should still have hope in their heart for a brighter beginning after the end. The song speaks about the strength people get just from their belief in such things as afterlife, god and the eternal cycle of life and death. This enforces our humanity and makes us who we are as an individual. It is in this ultimate truth that we can find salvation of our species.

Sweet pleasure butchery: – Frustration is a huge part of life and we all deal with it in our own way. We all learn to channel our frustrations through certain activities so that it does not build up to the point where it can harm us.

Everyone needs to let out steam some time. Some of these activities are less harmful while others lie on or beyond the borders of insanity. This song speaks of an individual twisted by life to the point where he\she finds satisfaction and relief in butchering, dissecting and cannibalizing on fellow beings.

Guitarist Pritam had the following to comment about the underlying story to all this:

“Conspiracy Theory is basically a song based on the  paranoid tendencies of a person’s mind on realization that the person has been victimized by an elaborate scam and everything that person has come to believe about himself and his life was never real. The song tumbles from the point of realization and concentrates on the mental impression of the whole event as the person self-destructs violently as he figures out his own demise. The person  finally  comes  to  term  with  himself  and  decides  to  continue life  in-spite  of  the  wounds.  This event however shapes the persons personality into a vengeful  bloodthirsty mercy-less spirit of evil.” Woof.

Older versions of the band’s tracks are available on their Reverbnation account.


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