G0d damn this keyb0ard is br0ken…………

Intr0ducing D0n’t Fret Rec0rds! The 0nly label in existence ran 0ff 0f pure 000000000000 (and maybe a little c0wbell). Their message? …L00k at this business m0del and witness the truth.


If y0u didn’t f0ll0w….. That means m0re 00000000 fer the bank acc0unt and m0re 0000000 fer the pl0sure. Frets bring n0thing but welfare and pain.

“Our purpose is to support bands that only play open notes in order to reinvent the genre. We do not allow fretting. We feel that metal has become way too caught up with tacky musicianship that oppresses females. Don’t Fret Records plans to bring metal back to the basics and promote a minimalistic approach in order to regain the ears of the opposite gender.”

N0w listen to this cutting edge track, “000”!

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