Hey y’all fans of instrumental progressive artists such as Intervals and Sithu Aye, you need to go check this music out! Methiums is a one man project from Indonesia conducted by Arya Akbara (guitarist of Headcrusher & Athenian). His instrumental projects feature influences from modern progressive metalcore and bands such as Haunted Shores or Intervals as said above. He also brings his own style into the mix.

Methiums just released a 5-track self-titled EP. The songs have massive atmospheres, interesting riffs flying, and sick groovy attacks akin to those on Anup Sastry’s solo album. Give a good listen to the music below.

This EP is, more or less, available for free on Bandcamp (he went through the limited number of free downloads available, but it’ll soon be up for free again!).

You can stream Methiums on YouTube as well, where you will also find a play through video  uploaded to the ItDjents’ channel. Go check out all the above and support this artist!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp