No introductions. No wordplay. No bullshit. Just metal.


Sunn 0))) & Ulver have collaborated to create one of the most beautifully haunting, grandiose, daunting, powerful and controlled releases of all time. “Terrestrials” is an absolute monster of a record. Play this as loud as you possibly can and get lost within the world these musicians have created.

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One of the biggest names in blackened death returns after a long period of musical silence. I know the story, you know the story, and now we can this story put to tape for the world to experience. This is Behemoth like we’ve never heard them before, but I’m not surprised at all by this. This unit of metal titans has laid down a masterpiece with “The Satanist”. Go forth and listen.

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Caliban are releasing another album today titled “Ghost Empire”. From what I’ve heard so far, it’s pretty standard and pretty good. If you’re into their older stuff you’ll probably enjoy this for the most part. It looks like the guys have embraced the djent fad, and subsequently a couple of these riffs bounce around a bit. Other than that pretty good. Check it out.

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More New Releases:

Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius (Iron Bonehead)

Battle Beast – Battle Beast (Nuclear Blast)

Corpsessed – Abysmal Thresholds (Dark Descent)

Down From The Wound – Violence and The Macabre (Comatose)

Exmortus – Slave To The Sword (Prosthetic)

For Today – Fight The Silence (Razor & Tie)

Grand Magus – Triumph and Power (Nuclear Blast)

Hannes Grossmann – The Radial Covenant

Hawkwind – Space Hawks (Four Winds)

Heikki Hautala – Pyövelin Vaatteet (Ektro)

Jenx – Drift (M-Tronic)

Lie In Ruins – Toward Divine Death (Dark Decent)

Mayan – Antagonise (Nuclear Blast)

Mesetiah – Tesis EP (Inverse)

Metal Noam – Avram (Mountastic)

Omnizide – Death Metal Holocaust (Carnal)

Prostitute Disfigurement – From Crotch To Crown (Willowtip)

Scott H. Biram – Nothin’ But Blood (Bloodshot)

Shapist – Foundations

Shrapnel – The Virus Conspires (Candlelight)

Truckfighters – Universe (Fuzzorama)

Within Temptation – Hydra (Nuclear Blast)

Yautja – Songs Of Descent (Forcefield)


– Trisilino