California listen up!!! Our very own Grizzly Productions has made moves once again and they are prepared to unleash another night of absolute heaviness! What am I talking about you might ask…. check it out


On February 23rd, The Grizzly Den will be hosting another event that can be defined only by the title it was given: “Too Heavy For You Tour.” This gnarly showdown is jam packed with quality bands including, Goliath, Extortionist, Verbera, Save Your Strength, There May Be Blood, Ail, With Friends Like These, and Facial Extraction. This event is projected to sell out soon so make sure to guarantee your spot by purchasing your tickets here asap. The Grizzly Den’s doors will open at 5:30pm and be sure to get there early because every band is worth your time. Check out all the necessary details here. See you there my friends! \m/

Grizzly Productions: Official Website//Facebook//Twitter//Instagram: @grizzly_shows
Goliath: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram: @GoliathBand
Extortionist: Facebook//Twitter
Verbera: Facebook//Twitter//Instagram: @verberanw