We're actually a bit late on this but it deserved more attention then it has been given so far. Norwegian experimental metal act Benea Reach, widely considered to be one of today's brightest hopes of Scandinavian metal, announced the end of their project in January. But the very end arrived only in these past few days when the band played it's last show ever at Trondheim Metal Fest and Rockheim, saying they were going to “party to their grave”.

We wanted to give this amazing band our tribute and farewell by sharing some of their best songs below. Too bad they never really got as far as they deserved.

Here is the band's official statement:

“This is the end of the journey for Benea Reach. We have decided to end the band with immediate effect. We will still play on January 17th in Oslo and at Trondheim Metal Fest, which is held March 6th to 8th. These will be our last two shows.

This decision is not as sudden as it may seem. We have thought this through over a long period of time due to different circumstances, our families being the most important. We are all still very good friends, so it’s not down to any internal issues. We don’t really want to blame anyone either, even though we have been let down on several important occasions. We just feel that this is a good time for us to stop since we don’t have the time or the energy to continue in a way that would be fair to ourselves and our families.

We really want to thank everyone who has been with us and supported us throughout this journey, our families, friends, previous members, record labels, booking agents and all of our amazing fans worldwide. There are way too many people to thank than we can name, but we want to name a few and especially one person who has been offering us his time and efforts through the years without getting the money or reward that he deserves. This person is Joffe Myrvold who has been the most important person to this band, giving us his all from the very beginning. We love you like a brother. Others who have helped us more than we can ever thank them for are Simon Barbour-Brown, Tue Madsen and Espen Høydalsvik. You guys mean the world to us.
So this is it. Cheers!

Marco / Martin / Mikael / Andreas / Thomas / Ilkka”


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