We Are Obscurity is a fresh, hateful Deathcore band coming out of Russia. They were just formed at the end of last month. Wanna know how they got more than 2,000 likes on Facebook in less than 2 weeks? No, they didn’t pay for that. They got huge attention because of the unbelievable vocal skills of Alex Terrible, who carries a small following on his YouTube channel with some stunning vocal covers.

The band has just released their very first single and it is a fucking TANK. Give it a listen.You’ll understand what we’re talking about.

But to truly appreciate this guy’s vocal feats, you should definitely check out some of his covers below. Seriously, this guy must have grown around Chernobyl. He’s insane!

Unfortunately, all the videos come attached with an Embedding disabled by request message. But here’s a nice stockpile of metal links for ya \m/


Links: Facebook // VK