A couple of weeks ago, I headed to Vicenza, Italy to take place in Lies Of Nazca’s release party. I was expecting an extremely fun experience but what happened there went beyond my brightest hopes. Lies Of Nazca’s debut album “Aleph”, released last month by Rogue Records America and streamed exclusively by The Circle Pit, got big recognition from the Italian underground metal scene. The band managed to create a highly anticipated event which attracted fans and friends from the whole country but especially from the local area in which they became HUGE.

The venue was the same in which the Damned Spring Fragrantia release party took place last year. I was hoping to see something at least as hilarious and devastating as that time. I really don’t know why parties and concert get this wild at this venue but I’m happy it happened.

The show was opened by a band called Wrong Way To Die. They were definitely an interesting act. They managed to warm up the audience in the right way with their energetic performance and their fresh, original and intelligent take on modern metal-hardcore. If you’d like to go check them out, they have a debut album “Ingrates” coming out soon.

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The second band to perform was Despite Exile, and that’s exactly when things started to get insane. I’ve already told you about this band’s live shows several times and this was my third time seeing them. I must say that their live performance keeps improving with every show, especially the vocalist Jacopo who always pushes his band further in its crushing musical assault and massive live presence. The moshing got kinda nuts. On this occasion, the band was joined by guitarist Francesco Filigoi, whose band Abiogenesis has got something really stunning coming out soon. Keep an eye on them too.

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Then came time for the headliners, Lies Of Nazca, to finally celebrate the accomplishment of their hard work: their debut album “ALEPH”. The set was opened by “Periapsis: Condemnation / New Form” (yep, the one with guest vocals from ERRA’s Garrison Lee), followed by possibly the best tracks off “Aleph” : “Cardinality of Perfection”, “The Impending World”, “We Unrelenting Mechanisms” and “I, Sideral Messiah”.

The audience was one of the finest possible. Not only were they numerous, but they were that kind of audience that gives it all to enjoy the show in the most positive and intense ways possible. If you’ve never seen a bike racing around a circle pit and stage diving, you’re missing out. Together with those, by now usual, banana-dressed dudes and even more awkward costumes moshing, it was quite a spectacle. In general, the movement in the pit was some of the best I’ve ever seen and the amount of hilarious scenes happening down there cannot even by described. Seriously, words escape me. It’s one of those things you have to witness to realize how epic it was.

The set was closed by their single “Cosmogonal Grounds” and one of the most epic tracks of the album: “Dismantled & Recombined”. I told you the audience was beyond good, but the band gave no less! It was a clean and powerful performance, showing a much more mature live presentation than the last time I saw them. As the band themselves said at the end of the concert, a show like this pays off all the labor and money spent by a musician in his project. I hardly ever had that much fun at a concert. It was just perfect.

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