Malevolent Creation is a band that knows exactly how to dig themselves into a ditch. Want an example? Well for starters, their 1995 track “They Breed” literally ends with the racial slur, “You fucking n****rs”. As you may imagine, the reaction wasn’t exactly positive. In reality, that’s only scratching the surface of their past racial / social controversies.

Want a more recent example of ditch digging? Okay. Here’s a series of press releases revolving around the departure of their ex-drummer Gus Rios… gay slurs and awful cover ups included. Read at the risk of your own intelligence.

Let’s start this stupidity with the most reasonable of statements, given by Gus Rios as he departs the band.

“After several years, I have decided to part ways permanently with Malevolent Creation. The simple reason is personal differences. I appreciate all of the people I’ve worked with during my time with the band and want to thank all of them – I’m sure we’ll work together again in the future with another band. Most of all, I would like to thank all of the fans who have supported the band! I’m sure you will continue to support.

“This opens me up for bands in need of a touring and/or recording drummer, as well as a full-time position if the situation is right. I can be reached on my facebook page here:”

Not too bad, eh? Here’s Malevolent Creation’s side of the story.

“We have fired our gay drummer Gus Rios and replaced him with a drummer that can play our songs and is a very famous drummer in death metal. Now we have a drummer that can play our music and play drums on our albums.!!! No more fake editing drumming for Gus!!! Be happy people!!! We have a real drummer again and can play all the music from all our albums.”

Not too surprisingly, the metal community called them out almost immediately after the “gay drummer” remark. In response, Malevolent Creation proceeded to put out a laughable cover up with homophobic undertones. I’ll spare you from reading the entire statement and highlight the main portion.

“… As for the “Gay” comment i made about Gus i apologize,it is hard for me to refer to him as anything else but the nickname he has had long before i ever met him which is “Gay Gus”!Anyone that knows him or has met him refers to him by that name.If he is gay,i do not know personally,but it has crossed my mind many times over the years i have known him.Only he knows the truth and whoever gave him the nickname surely does.I have gay family members and friends and that has never been a problem for me,so i do apologize for making the comment and to the people that found it offending.NOW we have a great new drummer playing with us,a great new release coming out soon and many tours and festivals planned for 2014 and beyond!!! We wish Gus the best of luck doing whatever it is he does, but we are mostly excited to be playing with a drummer that loves metal music as much as we do and look forward to playing songs we haven’t played in many years and new ones as well.I apologize for all the confusion in the last 24 hours,but we were planning on having Gus play a final show in Chicago April 12th,but atleast fans can hear Malevolent Creation play a special set list of songs with our new drummer Justin DiPinto who can play anything from our back catalog and newest release!!! Thank you Justin! And welcome back!!!!”

Well then… Enough of that… Listen to some Death Metal!

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