The first thing I ever heard about BEAR is that they put on a crazy live show. This was all before even hearing the music. But after one listen, it was clear these dudes were fucking nuts. Without mercy, they ravage your ears with waves of high-energy hardcore spirited technical metal. The math is strong in this one. Imagine if Dillinger or Converge turned to a Meshuggah-esque tone and you were getting trampled at one of their shows. That’s the sound this band is capable of.

I’ve been meaning to soak in and review this album for awhile now. This Belgium four piece has been making moves throughout Europe, turning heads and crushing shows. Their debut “Noumenon” was released through their signing to Basick Records. It provides a chaotic / hypnotic experience for the listener. Tracks slam and wither the senses.

The album opens into the obscure, shifting world of “Noumenon” through the track “Boxer”. And before you’re ready, the wall of solid noise makes impact. As I may have literally just mentioned, this album is chaos. It’s like being thrown into a twisting abyss (something akin to what’s pictured on the awesome front cover). You may especially feel the intensity from tracks such as “Mirrors”, “Postbreaks”, and “Rain”. They’re just a few stand outs among many.

Musically, this album is complex. The riffs are scathing and the technicality is impressive. It doesn’t always feel like the most original record, but there’s no denying a great effort. It brings destruction in abundance through it’s energy and coldy calculated style. These are some high end musicians.

The vocals may cause split opinions. I personally think they’re awesome, unique even. They switch paradigms from the sharp bark of hardcore vocals to a strained, dissonant singing with a certain grit. Upon first listen I was taken aback, but they quickly grew on me.

In the end, it’s more than safe to say this is a good album. If you’re a Dillinger head, a fan of technical music, or just into calculus, this album is right up your alley. Give a listen to the pickings above. If they strike your fancy, be sure to show the musical lunatics in BEAR your support!


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