This may be the best music video I’ve seen in recent history. Allegaeon had the great idea of poking fun at both modern and past metal-related trends with their clip for the song “1.618”. From black to glam, step up and experience the WHEEL OF SUBGENRES!

The video was made in support of their forthcoming album, “Elements of the Infinite”. The effort is set for release on June 24th through the juggernaut Metal Blade Records (June 23rd in the UK/Europe and June 20th in the European G|A|S territories).

“The 1.618 video is quite a departure from what Allegaeon has done in the past. For our music, lyrically speaking; it’s been really hard for us to come up with story lines to capture what Ezra was singing about. So in the end we always ended up just having performance videos. This video is more like us hanging out and having fun, a reflection of our personalities, and well… poking fun at ourselves for the lack of success we’ve had with the music video medium.”

Ezra Haynes comments on the song lyrics: “1.618 is also known as The Golden Ratio. This impossible to avoid number occurs in nature, music, design and architecture. It’s a fun subject to research because it is literally everywhere.”


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