Here are 3 bands to keep your eye on.


Out of France with their explosive talent, Kadinja brings a powerful atmosphere to the metal scene. They emerged strong with their debut 5 months ago. All 4 tracks on the self-titled EP give off a positive, enlightening quality. They just show multiple talents in a natural manner whether it be through extreme technicality, deft melodic ability, groooooovin’, or consistently amazing riffs. As my buddy Mike once said, “These guys can pull awesome riffs out of their ass!” The long and the short of it is Kadinja does not disappoint. Shorter yet, Kadinja is just plain awesome! Watch the fuck out!

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Any metal force requires a huntress. Stalking the prey to it’s fatigue, they manage to kill it. So damn metal. It’s a rather thrashy power metal style if you ask me. Looking forward to seeing what Huntress can make for themselves. Their last two albums “Spell Eater” and “Starbound Beast” really pack a powerful punch to the skull. Let’s see this trend continue. Get ready, get hunted!

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Striking with their previous album, Bury Tomorrow brings up metalcore with a slightly different approach. But at the same time, they have been following the same old formula. I’m really skeptical about the new album “Runes” and where this band will go from here. I would personally like to see more of a change for the metal, but I guess we’ll watch and see.




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