Who's ready for a Scandanavian super-group?  Coming out of Sweden The Resistance features both Jesper Stromblad and Glenn Ljungstrom (former guitarists of In Flames) and Marco Aro of The Haunted.  As opposed to the traditional melodeath sound one might expect, these guys actually play more of an aggressive hybrid of thrash and old school death metal.  I for one welcome this stylistic direction with open arms. The Resistance are brutal, relentless, and capable of satisfying the needs of any pissed off metalhead.  Keep an eye and an ear out for this band, and be sure to check out "Rise from Treason" and "Scars"!

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Nothing More has remained an underground act for some time now.  But having just seen them on Killswitch Engage's Disarm the Descent tour, I hope to see some commercial success coming their way.  These guys are a solid representation of modern progressive rock, plus they possess that desirable trait of being both experimental and incredibly catchy.  The live setting is where Nothing More truly shines.  All I can really say is, expect to see traditional rock instruments being played in very non-traditional ways.  Be sure to check out their new self-titled album set to be released next month!    

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Origin is already the stuff of Death Metal legend. This doesn't change the fact that their new LP "Omnipresent" is one to mark your calendars for. And for those of you who haven't experienced Origin yet, prepare to be steamrolled. These guys diligently combine the elements of shred, cold hearted technicality, and utter brutality into a formidable musical package. The album will officially drop on July 8th through Nuclear Blast. And as luck would have it, the band just released the first single, "All Things Dead". Press play below.

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