The mad musical genius looks to be as busy as ever. Devin Townsend let loose with the following updates in regards to his work on some ridiculous number of projects including "Ziltoid 2" and "Casualities of Cool" which is coming out next next week! Not to mention he's writing a book now…

“Ok some updates: casualties will be on iTunes worldwide next week, also disk 2 will be available for download next week for pledgers. All 3600 CDs as well as vinyl have been signed by Che and I and we’re shipped yesterday, going out to you ASAP. All birthday songs done and sent except 2 due to finding pronunciation. Doing them tomorrow. Mp3s and phone messages done on Sunday. Almost all lyrics are done as well as pet pictures and doodles etc. sending on Monday.

Videos for mountaintop and flight due tomorrow. Universal choir website had some problems, but any day now it’ll be up. Book I’m writing has a website up, a huge show just got confirmed for Ziltoid 2, Casualties is doing 3 dates. Anneke gets to Vancouver on Monday, dTP disk starts being mixed on June 1st, Ziltoid June 12. Sonisphere is in July.

Doing the presentation on home recording at gearfest on June 7th, then to LA to finish the mix. Etcetcetc…so much. Needed to purge some. …not sure how life got this intense. My 5 year plan involves playing bass in a band and building birdhouses. For real…”

In addition to all of this great news, there is a new Devin Townsend track live for your listening pleasure! Experience "Moon" below. For more new Devin Townsend teasers, CLICK HERE.

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