I know we have some nerds here. Imagine this… Vildhjarta, Humanity's Last Breath, or some other ridiculously heavy / atmospheric band playing a good 20-30 hours of Final Fantast VII. Sound cool?

Disfiguring Jenova is a two man band formed and ran over the internet. It consists of two über Final Fantasy people looking to make some heavy as hell, creeped out music. To be more specific, they are guitarist / songwriter Christian Kragh (aka The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All) and vocalist Jon Davis. While I have no idea what the actual lyrics are, the Final Fantasy influence is clear from the band's name and my brief talks with Christian.

The band is still in their early stages so the music is quite rough. Regardless, it is still quite heavy and may cause involuntary moshing. Check your surroundings and press play.

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Soundcloud