"Gwar Bar" has a certain ring to it, doesn't it? Now imagine if it actually became a thing… restaurant included. Go ahead, order that steak bloody as fuck. Better yet, choke it down with a Killian's Blood Red or the obvious Bloody Mary. Bring a white shirt and have a few.

Everything prepared by Chef Balsac the Jaws of Death*

Well, it looks as if GWAR is actually working to make this happen! And they want your support! Check out the Indiegogo campaign they've launched to make the Gwar Bar a reality! Incentives range from Gwar's undying scorn ($1) to having a drink named after you and even having a party with the band!

The idea was originally derived from the mind of Dave Brockie (R.I.P.), who unforunately passed away this year… But his legacy looks to live on in a number of ways!

If  this sounds like a good time waiting to happen, take a look!

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