One of the THALLest bands on earth, Humanitys Last Breath, are mostly known for basically shattering every eardrum they hit with the mighty sound of their latest self-titled album released in 2013 by Rogue Records America and premiered here on The Circle Pit. Unfortunately, they’ve just announced a sort of permanent hiatus/break up. The band is now becoming a solo project by Buster Odeholm, who wrote most of the band’s material so far. Read the official statement below to understand what’s going on:

This is Buster. I have some bad news, the band (not me) is taking an hiatus for an unknown period of time. The band has realized that they are unable to play live due to different obligations in their lives, this led to the descision that HLB will be a one-man-band featuring yours truly.

I am working on an EP this time around and it will be released with another vocalist. Since I write 90% of the stuff there will be no major change in the music more than my personal progression as a songwriter.

One more thing! Im helping out the guys in vildhjarta with drum duties in France and Switzerland next week! so come by and hang out!


Of course we hope this act will be able to deliver new material as soon as possible and that they’ll be able to hit stages somehow. Maybe with a new line up! Maybe that’s wishful thinking but I guess we’ll see.

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