Be excited, be very excited!!  Killitorous have escaped and they are heading for a town near you!!  After the startling success for their Imagogo Campaign to fund their debut album Party/Grind, these highly excitable Canadians are on the loose; both as artist of the week right here at TCP and as a wrecking ball of a live act.  So far they have let 2 tracks from the soon to be released LP off the leash: the hillarious It's not Stanley, it's Stan Lee and the ultimate love song for all you copraphiliacs out there Fecal Fellatio.  With the ball about to drop and tours in the offing I managed to lassoe Guitarist Ahhrun Shredder, pinion him to the ground and ask him a few questions.

You guys are all really busy musicians, how did Killitorous form?

Killitorous was a band formed by myself (Aaron) after I had quit Today I Caught the Plague (known now as The Kindred).  I wanted to a band that sounded like all the bands I grew up loving. Bands like Cephalic Carnage, the Faceless, Necrophagist, Psyopus, See You Next Tuesday, Cryptopsy, Ion Dissonance, Despised Icon etc….list goes on forever haha


Did you aim to be a certain style or was it an organic process?

We just wanted to be 100% as extreme as possible…full retard


How would you define the music of Killitorous?

Killitorous is a mix of all the bands we love. We are just a mix of all heavy genres and styles. We are defintely heavily influenced by new age grind bands, tech death and hardcore. But we draw influence from so many different styles. We are just trying to write music we love playing and performing.


How long have you been working on the album?

We have been working on the "album" for 1 year because of crazy schedules, various finance and release reasons. But we have been writing songs for almost 8 years. In fact we wrote an excess of songs which is why we recorded a bonus track. We have the new album already written, partly because we had so many songs written for this one.


Were you surprised with the success of the Imagogo campaign?

To be honest, yes…very much so. We couldn't believe so many people wanted to support and help us get the album out having never released an album prior (we had released a demo with 4 of the songs. But it had been pressed in very limited quantities. And was like 5 years ago or something).  What was the most suprising thing to us was the amount of people who weren't aquainted with us at all who showed their support, people from all over the world. It is really the proof we should keep being gypsy's and playing music haha


The song titles are hilarious; and the lyrics I’ve seen are as well. How do you come up with them? And do you think metal needs more humour?

We come up with names as a band joking around, usually on tour. For the most part before we even write the song. Just funny jokes, puns, plays on words etc….we aren't that angry, dark or gothic or whatever as people….we would just rather talk about comics, Ace Ventura and Gary Busey. So after we create a title Mark will work with these rediculous ideas to create the funniest lyrics possible.


You’re all in or have been in signed Bands, is that a goal for Killitorous, or is the freedom of being DIY what the band needs?

The album will be available everywhere. We just can't tell ya who is releasing it yet – (but it is looking like it will be out worldwide in Sept. according to we have been told)


What are your ambitions for the band?

The ambition for the band: to create music that is applicable to more than just one audience: grind/death/tech/core/thrash…we wanna be partying with everyone!

Which we notice has been happening. One night we will play with a thrash band, the next night a djent band and then a hardcore band…we just wanna fit everywhere and party.


Canada is producing so many incredible extreme metal bands at the moment; Why do you think this is?

I feel it has always been the case with Canadian bands. I think its because we have to fight harder to make music here 1) we have winter, which makes it hard to tour and even just to jam 2) Gear is expensive in Canada(even strings are a lot) as all you brotherin Canucks know. 3) tons of other reasons like less labels, less population, less media etc.

So really just to be a Canadian band that tours these days from you gotta be good. You can't afford to not be, cause your band will just fall apart. Or won't get shows.


I’d love to see you guys play live, do you think you’ll make it to Europe?

We have plans for Europe. We have a lot of bands wwe are planning to tour with the upcoming year. We would love to tour with our bro's in Endless Oblivion, Hideous Divinity and Infant Annihilator. Also we want to hit places like Japan, South America, Austrailia etc…we wannt party everywhere and shred/blast as many places as possible.


What does the future hold for Killitorous?

Tons of touring, multiple albums, 100000'S OF LITRES OF BEER and enough partying to bring Slurms Mackenzie back from the dead.

Well there you have it, Killitorous; brutal music, hillarious lyrics, beer, beer and more beer.  I can't think of a more joyous combination.

PartyGrind is out in July and Killitorous are currently on tour in Canada.

– John Whitmore

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