Lets face it, Metal is an inspirational music to love. It can encapsulate and enhance almost any mood or feeling. Be the sound track to anything for anyone. True, some people are ridiculed and mocked for being into it. But the reach of Metal gets ever wider. It has a pervasive quality that just cannot be ignored; by man, nor beast, nor machine.

It has seeped into areas of my life where I least expected it. Like the time my Grandma heard me singing Enter Sandman to myself and decided that it would make a great lullaby for my baby cousin. I can still hear her softly intoning, in her old lady voice “….you’re off to Never, never land….”

But anyway….It was brought home to me recently just how inclusive and invasive an a force Metal is.

Talking with a Jewish friend about music, he mentioned that at an orthodox wedding in New York a couple of years ago, he witnessed a drummer playing the most amazing tech-jazz-metal backing to traditional Hasidic wedding music.

That’s incredible, I thought, literally incredible: I can’t believe that. But low and behold, I was scouting around on YouTube a few nights ago and stumbled across this video. A quick phone call to my friend confirmed it. This was it. George Hooks is his name and in this section he Metalizes a polka beat with tense muscular playing and fills that made me thrust the horns in the air with passionate glee!

So this got me thinking. If metal can slyly and enjoyably work its way into a Jewish wedding celebration, what other people and areas of life can it infiltrate? Influencing thoughts and deeds previously beyond their skill or desire.

The first occurrence of this I came across in my search, was in the form of a Metal loving Capuchin Monk, Brother Cesare Bonizzi. Hailing from the Italian city of Milan, whom after attending a Metallica concert 20 years ago “felt the energy released by this type of music” and became a huge Heavy Metal fan.

Not only that, for 9 years he has been the singer of the thrash metal group, Fratello Mettallo – or Metal Brother.

His lyrical topics veer from the profane; smoking, booze and sex; to the divine; Faith, charity and God. With several albums and a festival performance alongside Iron Maiden under his corded belt, Brother Bonizzi’s love of metal is still going strong!

From the old to the young now. Its always heartening to see kids get into music with a bit more substance than the regular force fed pop. And the entertainment is multiplied when they like to sing along and emulate their idols.

Take the stage Lukas Payne! A 3 year old able to channel the hormonal angst of boys 15 years his senior. This inspired series of Sing-along videos displays Lukas’s full range; from insanity blitz attack to deep guttural bree. One to watch? I think so.

Or if you like your performers to have a bit more substantive talent. Meet Avery, the 6 year old drummer doing a masterful (ahem) cover of Metallicas Master of Puppets. Listen to that Snare Lars. That’s how it’s supposed to sound!

Animals with the simpler more direct connection to the great wheel of life are naturally huge Death metal fans. And seemingly take every opportunity to try and become part of the scene. Due to their lack of opposable thumbs playing any kind of instrument is tantalisingly beyond their metaphorical grasp.

Most animals are shy and hide their light under a bushel, sitting quietly in glade, pasture or farm wishing it was they who were joining Suicide Silence instead of Eddie Herrara. However a select few make up for this by providing vocal auditions whenever anyone points a camera at them.

If I could scream like this Chicken, I wouldn’t be writing, I’d be touring! Check out his awesome lung capacity.

Camels really scare me. From their ability to go weeks without water to the fact they can bite through a plank of wood and their constantly chewing mouths – like disenfranchised youth they brood on desert(ed) corners listening to Cattle Decapitation.

If I was putting together a death metal band I’d want to find the most intimidating vocalist I could find. Matey below is already on the list, so if you’re thinking about poaching him- Hands Off!!!

Dogs are not only man’s best friend they can also be a touring bro, who when a promoter tries to stiff a band for the guarantee, will chase him down like a stick. Regardless of vocal ability, they earn their place in the band just for that!

For every rule there must be the exception to that rule. Animals love Death Metal……well not this Cat. Who has taken as his idol the mighty Megadeth head honcho Dave Mustaine. Who knows if Dave would be impressed, I don’t really care, I am!

And finally. The influence of Metal is not just limited to the sentient and living. Even machines want to get in on the act. This washer obviously has ambitions at being the rhythm section in some kind of djent Band. With his poly-rhythms and decimal timing he certainly passes stage one of the audition.

But wait…..he seems to have joined not just one band but 2!! I know drummers are in demand but I guess he’d be ideal on tour; 200% less mental than a human drummer and keeps your clothes as fresh as a spring meadow.


So there we have a short exploration of how metal infiltrates even the most unexpected corners of the world. So don’t ever be shy about your love for metal. Spread the word far and wide. We are united as one; Man, Woman, Young, Old, Monk, Jew, Muslim, Beast, Zanussi the list is endless.

Never forget that Metal is what brings us together and if our minds are open to that we can explore the limitless possibilities our music brings us: Together, Forever!

– John Whitmore