(Painting by Dan Witz)

Going into the moshpit is vital to the general spirit of being at a metal/hardcore show. It can be a physical and emotional release, and it is an opportunity for metalheads to come together as a group and beat the shit out of each other to their favorite song. However, going into the moshpit can potentially be extremely dangerous. Here are some helpful tips to maximizing your pitting experience.

1. Be aware of what kind of show you are at: It’s crucial to be aware of the type of metal that the band you’re seeing plays, and of the types of fans that band attracts. I swear to god there is nothing more frustrating than that one guy trying to core-dance at a thrash or death metal show. People like that usually get taken to the ground pretty quickly if they start that shit. While at the same time, if someone tried starting a push pit during a core show, they would get smacked in the face instantly by the flurry of limbs that are flying. You can actually really hurt someone, or piss people off and get really hurt, by not being aware of the type of pit that is happening. You might even end up being that asshole going way too hard in the mosh pit during a Reel Big Fish concert, in which case you’ve got some issues to work out. Be smart, adjust your moshing based on who you are seeing.

2. If someone goes down, pick them up: Simple enough, if you were to get knocked on your ass you would want someone to help you up. There is no shame in being knocked down during a pit, most people in pits will end up on the ground at some point. There is a real danger of being trampled or smothered when you end up on the ground during a pit. Picking someone up off the ground could end up saving their life.

Sidenote, if someone is trying to tie a shoe, protect them so they don’t get knocked over. It could happen to you too.

3. If you think you can’t hang, get out: There occasionally comes a time when you feel like you might pass out or throw up while moshing. It’s understandable, moshing takes out a lot of energy and venues sometimes charge ridiculous prices for water. When this happens, theres no need to push yourself past your limit. You don’t want to die and no one wants to have to take care of your ass during the show. Here’s a little tip, if you feel like you can’t handle it anymore, stop, go to the bathroom for a few minutes and splash some water on your face (I sometimes drink the sink water depending on the venue. I don’t care if you think it’s gross, I’m not trying to pass the fuck out). It’s not the end of the world if you miss the show for a few minutes to go take care of yourself. That’s a much better option than missing the rest of the show because you blacked out.

4. Be careful with substances: We all love getting fucked up sometimes at shows, but don’t drink too much if you plan on going into the pit. When you’re already stumbling, going into the pit is a recipe for disaster. Also don’t try to bring drinks into the pit, I promise they will spill.

For smoking, I personally get too tired to pit if I do it too much beforehand. Also no one appreciates being burned because you bumped into them, don’t smoke that shit while moshing.

5. Don’t try and pick up girls in the pit: I can’t believe I even have to say this, but it happens. Don’t be that creep.

6. Don’t be an asshole: We’re all here for the same reason man. Don’t go into the pit angry as fuck trying to fight people. Not only will you probably get destroyed by a group of people, but security will kick your ass out fast.

Happy Moshing \m/

-Bradley D