Hello Ladles and Jellyspoons, todays keywords are angular and abrasive. Got that? Good.


These Glasgow lads deal in a brutal, no holds barred, jazz infused death metal. Swerving in multiple directions like some virulent brand of salacious musical anarchy.  One moment assailing the senses with jagged rhythms and scattergun guitar, the next lulling you into a false sense of security with music you could croon to, before careering off into another malicious reverie; like Rings of Saturn on a cloudy night. 

Increasingly captivating with each listen, their I/O ep doesn't so much command your attention, instead it seems to kidnaps you, locking you in the trunk of a stolen car, bound and gagged with your only sensory experience being the music.  I loved its "Theres No Bullshit, like Our Bullshit" kick arse attitude.

Check them out!  Their on my "must see" list for TechFest.



These Swedish Wild Hearts (Vildhjarta is swedish for WildHeart – see what I did there!!) are the Djent eqivelent of the The Legion of Doom; spikey, muscular and always victorious.  Staccato riffs piled on swrils of feedback and tumultuous polyrhythms; they seek not to cajole you into listening but to bash you into semi-conciousness immobility, carving serrated patterns in your flesh as they pulverise your ears.  Heavily downtuned and bullish they are, however meticulous in their approach to making music, releasing only 2 EP's and 1 album in their 10 years of existance.  But it is this perfectionism that makes indulging in them such a strenuous but rewarding endeavour.

Bleak and engaging; like smoke from a factory drifting across an arctic sunset, Vildhjarta shape their own music landscape in a rare and methodical way.  Sanding down your resistance to their fractured grooves with unyeilding persistance.  As I said Boys and Girls, angular and abrasive!  Enjoy……




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– John Whitmore