So 34 days to go.  I just want you to know that I didn't engage in any form of arithmetic before starting this countdown.  I have tallied neither bands nor time that I'm available to write, so I could complete my countdown with days to spare, leaving us all hanging anti-climatically at the end of the pier of expectation; or conversely I could well be writing the last of my pithy, little "tick, tick, tick" missives as Naomi and I pull into the car park of the Newark Showground (Nottinghamshire).  But contrition aside, things will probably work out OK.  They usually do and certainly have done for the next Band in my countdown.



If you like your Metalcore bands to come with a handsome pedigree then look no further than Headliners Glass Cloud.  Formed in 2010 and containing members of Of Mice and Men & The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, this Virginia quartet can constantly surprise with the variety of their attack. Lucid and impassioned their music engages every melodic and rhythmic boundary; vocals that delve and soar, guitar that both eviscerates and moulds and a rhythm section that specialises in mosh-inducing syncopation. 

Their performance at TechFest will be a European Exclusive, so for your only chance to catch them in the EU this year.  Get your ass in action and get your tickets!!



When you write about music on a regular basis it is very easy to fall into habits and become reliant upon tropes and cliché to get ones point across.  That is all very well and good for a lot of music, and often I can feel satisfied in how I have communicated the feel of the music I am writing about. But every now and then you come across an act that makes you abruptly aware of how weak and inappropriate a medium words are for elucidating others about music.

Mountains Under Oceans are one of those acts.  Ambient and progressive, heavy yet with subtlety of touch; this Glasgow 4 piece sound to me like a gorgeous instrumental fusion of Mogwai and Monuments, with ambient elements, stirred, piping hot into the mix. But don't use my pathetic words as a guide, Check out their free to download, Self-Titled EP from bandcamp right now.

So stay tuned for the next exciting installment of Countdown to TechFest. Same Tech Time….Same Tech Channel.




Links: Facebook // Official Website // Tickets

– John Whitmore