Friends, Romans, Metalheads; Lend me your eyes.  I come to bring you yet another exciting installment of our Countdown to TechFest; not to waste your time with my idle pratter.  So without further ado, let me tell you about the next group of Honourable Men:



Fusing together the best elements from old fashioned HXC, Tech and Death Metal, DFDO really pack a visceral punch.  Heavy, yet experimental they write songs that can really motivate a crowd, a fact which I can testify to with some experience; having been swept up in spontaneous pits on both occasions I have seen these guys live.  Their music is tense and febrile; full of nervous energy, spite and the dissatisfaction of youth.  They have been tearing up venues all across the UK, most notably supporting The Algorithm and Hacktivist. Check out the video below taken from their Nine Fingers EP available via Bandcamp




You can say what you like about Sumerian Records but they certainly have selected some of the most intriguing bands with which to populate their roster and The HAARP Machine, most definitely fall into that category.  I mean, last year 75% of the band just upped sticks and fled into the good night, leaving guitarist Al Mu'min all on his lonesome.  Determined not to be done over by the machinations of the evil Bilderberg Group Mr Mu'min has recruited some new talent and the Mathcore/Tech Metal locomotive is back on the rails and ready to roll.

I am very excited about seeing this band that just 18 months ago I had assumed had imploded, never to see the light of stage again.  As their album Disclosure had crawled under my skin and stubbornly refused to leave for the 5 months prior to their unexpected capitulation. Let their webs of conspiracy infiltrate your mind by watching the videos below and join me down the front at 8pm on Friday the 11th of July!!  So be there or be taken away by Men in Black Limousines.




Links: Facebook // Official Website // Tickets

– John Whitmore