Salut! Faithful Reader, I am back after a weekend of music and dissipation to take up the reigns and take control of the bucking bronco that is our Countdown To TechFest 2014.  Last time out we had an all British affair, singing the praises of Doomed from Day One and The HAARP Machine. This time however, our compasses twitch and wheel, leading us away from the UK; Firstly we travel northwards, borne aloft on progressive dreams, across the North sea to Norway, to Bodo and Harstad to meet our next band: Kodeks.



Heavy and highly melodic, Kodeks cut an interesting figure with their Tech infused progressive metal.  Occasionally symphonic they are always distinctive due to the unusual intonation in the vocals, which are sung in a Northern Norwegian dialect.   Bursting on to the scene only last summer with the release of their self-titled EP they have been busy making a name for themselves in their native land with considerable dedication to touring.  Have a gander at the full stream of their EP on YouTube and if you like it, why not download it and donate a couple of quid to their musical coffers via paypal.  Either that or get yourself down to the 2nd stage at 1pm on the Sunday of TechFest.



Up to this point in the countdown, I have intimated that I will be watching several of the bands that have been featured thus far, and I have been genuine and honest about this.  I will be trying my best, despite my other commitments during the weekend, to fulfill all of those promises made. But if you want to be able to locate me at any point of the weekend, then between 6.30 and *pm on Friday night will be your time. As I will be glued to the front rail, screaming along to every song, head-banging and shaking my fist along to the incredible Jazzy Technical Death metal Syncopation of Gorod. 

A five fellow French fist of fascinating fury. To me they are the king of their craft; a Bordeaux based musical mould manufactured from the purest gold; they are the gallic lovechild of song writing and brutality. 

A slight diversion from the normal fare offered up by UKTF but a delightful, scenic diversion that you'll remember and want to drive again.  A full recap of their career is available to read HERE.

But if you haven't got time for that, then feast your ears on these little beauties….

Now that you've done that and planned your TechFest Friday accordingly, I will leave you with a simple farewell weary traveler.  Safeguard yourself and those dear to you and we'll meet again, I don't know when, but I do know where: Right Here…..For another exciting installment of…………………




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– John Whitmore