I'm typing like crazy; perhaps our brand new clock is to blame, its extra loud tick constantly reminding me that time is skating away, leaving me stunned at just how soon it will be until TF(iii) gets under way. So less of my bowdlerized chatter, more amazing bands.



Style, groove, panache, skill, syncopation and funk; these are the 6 words that first sprang to mind when I contemplated writing about this UK 5 piece.  Their down-tuned and groovy rhythmic assault is both innovative and insistent, channeling skill and energy into a devastating live show. Funky and powerful their music pushes the boundaries between fusion and tech metal. 

Over the last few years the band have finely tuned their stage craft into a furious and blistering barrage of no holds barred technical savagery. Unforgiving riffs meet the unique and energetic vocals of front-man Kaan Tasan. Show after show this band leave a trail of awestruck fans in their wake.  Wanna be one of those fans?  Get yo' ass to TechFest Mutha Trucka!!



My every encounter with Italian metal reveals to me that Italians make music with the same innate passion and disregard for authority that they bring to every other endeavour.  Lies of Nazca deal in a delectably acerbic technical metalcore that is both inventive and brutal. Their first full length Aleph takes no prisoners with is savage imagery and caustic approach to crafting their songs. They have made fast progress since forming in 2013, touring with the likes of Dammed Spring Fragmentia and Napoleon. Their Music is below, you have decisions make.



Accidents happen, this is one of the few oblique certainties in life.  You or I could arrive at TechFest and immediately trip over a guy rope, or slide on a damp patch of grass, injuring ourselves to an such an extent that hospital treatment is required.  And if this unfortunate fate should befall dear reader, and you find yourself in the remedial embrace of our beloved NHS on the 13th of July at 1.30pm, I recommend to you a single course of action;  tear the i.v from your arm and wrap a towel around your naked bottom and crawl, run, skate your way back to the Newark Showground, to the TechFest arena because you must not, with no excuses being acceptable, miss Aeolist!!  Got that.  Good.  Talk is cheap and on-line music journalism doubly so; so read no further and listen to their music, their they reproduce with an exacting precision that is both exhilarating and scary.  No more reading, go listen and love!!!!!!


– John Whitmore




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