Like, seriously Guy!

I go away for one week, one tiny, insignificant week and naturally the information I had hoped to bring you before I set off to Hellfest was announced.  It might have been Murphys Law for me but its a thing of Joy for everyone going to TechFest; The curtain of anticipation has been pulled back and the altarpiece has been revealed and boy is it glorious!  Monuments and the mighty Sikth have been announced as the secret headliners for this years edition.

It is a huge time for both bands. Monuments have just dropped their incredible sophomore full length The Amanuensis, which you can read a full review by my friend and yours, Aurko right HERE. Compelling and with enough tech-smash to decimate a whole room of servers, Monuments need to be seen to be believed. 

And what can one say about Sikth, they have been incredibly influential on so many strains of modern metal that their prevailing wind deserves an article all of its own; but long did I think that my chance to see this band live had gone the way of the DoDo; but now they have arisen Phoenix like from the flames of the past; full of tour announcements, promises of a new record and the motivational excitement of a band who reformed for all the right reasons. 

As if you needed anymore reasons to get your backside to Newark in 3 weeks time.  But the good people at TechFest know that every loves a bargain and these 2 bands being worth the admission price alone, they have outdone themselves again.

So, don't delay, book tickets, message me on Facebook, we'll become mates, meet at TechFest, link arms and stride around the campsite together hyperbolising about how amazing Simon Garrod is. Let's all enjoy this amazing music together.  Get your act together.

– John Whitmore




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