Time winds it inexorable way onwards.  Waiting for no man, pulsing like the metaphorical heartbeat of the universe. Its constant march urging you to grasp any oppotunity with both hands; Capture each moment, savouring the delightful possibility.

I must have been struck on the head and been rendered unconscious for a while, because when I awoke this morning my computer told me that only 36 days remain until UK TechFest unfurls its wings and soars high upon thermals of Love and Music.

Back for its 3rd instalment, and boasting a deliciously eclectic line up which is certain to get everyone in the Tech Groove Party mood.  To celebrate this, over the next few weeks I’ll be working through the entire Line-up, 2 bands at a time, showcasing the best of each group. 

Each article will feature a band from either end of the bill, so along with reading about your favourite artists, you can discover vibrant, exciting music from innovative new bands.

So without any further ado, let the countdown commence.


First up in our countdown and making their TechFest debut is Progressive UK Djentists Valis Ablaze.  Hailing from Bristol they have been plying their trade in this form for only a couple of years, having formed in late 2012.  But this hasn’t prevented them from producing a catchy, groove-laden debut EP as well tour extensively around the UK. 

To me they sound how Meshuggah would, if the Swedish quintet had a sense of humour and came from Bristol.  Full of life, attitude and head swirling grove.

Their ABIOGENESIS ep is available for free via bandcamp.  Check it out now.



So to one of the star turns at this years event.  The Ocean; lucid and experimental progressive death metal, never afraid to cut new groove of exploration into the shellac of metallic life.  Born in Berlin nearly 15 years ago and occasionally known as The Ocean Collective (with nearly 40 ex-members its easy to see why) they have captured hearts and minds with a relentless combination of  extensive touring and 4 genre defying albums.  They perform with a powerful fidelity that chanels the best of American metal through a filter of ruthless German precision.

So the countdown has begun; quieten your mind and hear the ticking of the clock.  Feel an oppotunity arise. Know its your destiny. Do not delay, snatch it with both hands and run, run ,run…..into the distance, into the sun. Feel warmth on your back, wind against your face and music in your ears.   Uk TechFest 36 days and counting!




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