It's been a rough stretch on the current Eyehategod tour. They've been screwed over not once, but twice within the same week. While the first situation seems to have amended itself, the second has not.

The most recent situation looks grim as the band states:

"Hey folks – wanted to put this out there in case anybody can help that last Wednesday June 18th in St. Louis, MO our van was broken into while we were on stage. Brian's computer bag with all of his earnings from the tour as we'll as his iPad and various items were taken as well as their Booking Agent\TM's (Zac Ohler) computer and personal bag and drummer Aaron Hill's. Brian's losts total in the thousands. This is a huge blow and if anybody knows anything or can offer help would be amazing."

If anyone knows anything about this situation, you know what to do.

The prior situation is as follows… Ringworm took to social networks to say:

"So, yeah, us, Enabler and Eyehategod got ripped off in Savannah, GA. The promoter, Floyd Lionel, left and didn't pay any of us. His email is [redacted] and phone is [redacted] (although it appears to be shut off)."

This was followed by the promoter stating:

"First apologies all around for Saturday not making excuses but I suffer from Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) what you witnessed Saturday night was a person having a full blown mental breakdown due to a lot of undue stress from what was already a very long and stressful day, My departure was not based upon any attempt to avoid responsibilities or as some corners have said 'run off with band money.' But to prevent a situation that could have quite easily deteriorated into a far worse harmful situation for myself and others around me. Again apologies to all whom were directly adversely affected by my breakdown."

It has been confirmed that at least two of the bands have been paid since the occurrence. Thank god some good news came from the bad. Wait a minute… Eyehategod. LISTEN. SUPPORT. NOW!

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