We don’t always strike gold with Free Music, but when we do it’s a really rad supergroup comprising of none other than ex-Cradle of Filth Paul Allender, ex-Coal Chamber bassist Chela Rhea, and last but far from the least, Mary Zimmer. White Empress are a Symphonic Metal act and have a self-titled 4-track EP available for free download from their Official Website.

What excited us about the White Empress EP is that its genre is not The Circle Pit’s everyday cup of tea, and regardless the music was hard hitting, catchy and had hooks in the right place to piue our collective interests. Stay tuned for a full length from the band by the end of the year.

Also, stay tuned to The Circle Pit, we are conducting an interview with the juggernaut supergroup in a few days.

– Aurko

Links: Facebook // Official Website