Rings of Saturn write music on an apocalyptic scale. This is massive, crushing, tech death around the xenocide of the human race. After crushing the world with their debut “Embryonic Anomaly", and coming back strong with their album, “Dingir” (pronounced din-jeer), they've finally completed work on what will be their third full-length album! Furthermore, it's set for releases sometime this Fall through the one and only Unique Leader Records!

Want some good news to go with your good news? The band will be joined by Aaron Kitcher of Infant Annihilator / Black Tongue (aka THIS GUY) for this venture. Also, the one and only Rusty Cooley from Day of Reckoning will bust out a guest solo. Faces will implode. Also, Mark Cooper of Mind Rape Art will return to do the artwork (aka the same guy who made the artwork for "Dingir").

Guitarist Lucas Mann commented, "We are very pleased with the final outcome of the new album and are looking forward to unleashing it on our fans in the coming months! Through a group writing effort, we have taken a new and exciting direction with this album while still staying true to the brutal, technical, and overwhelming sound that RINGS OF SATURN fans enjoy. We are looking forward to all the feedback from everyone, as well as hitting the road again on tour with the new material."

There's one more bit of good news here. The band will be heading out this Summer on what has been dubbed The Face Implosion Tour. They'll be joined by Arsonists Get All The Girls, Auras, and Ænimus as direct support. Check the dates below.


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