TesseracT has always had problems holding down a singer. While the instrumental corps stays consistent, every album they've released has seen a new face and set of golden pipes at the helm. Now, Ashe O'hara, the man who was responsible for contributing on the band's latest effort, "Altered State", has parted ways with the band. His replacement may make some of you very, very happy.

We have amicably parted ways with Ashe as we have found ourselves in different places, creatively. Ashe is a fantastic talent and will continue to be successful in his career and we wish him the absolute best!

Moving forward for TesseracT – Daniel Tompkins will be rejoining us as a full time member of the band. Starting from our main stage performance at Sonisphere, UK on 05.07.14. We are also looking forward to starting writing and recording album three with Daniel, which will begin later this year.

Both singers are incredible but it's great to see the glorious return of Daniel Tompkins instead of another new face. On the other hand, this news may worry some in regards to the future of Daniel's other work. Skyharbor to be more specific. In response, Daniel has stated the following.

It's with great pleasure that I announce my return TesseracT after the band amicably parted ways with Ashe, who I wish all the very best to for all his future endeavours.

To be clear to all Skyharbor fans please take note that I will remain the bands frontman and look forward to our second album release later this year which we are very excited about.

The future remains extremely bright for both bands and I look forward to seeing you all on the road

– Dan

I had always been stoked since Daniel had stepped down, as to who will fill the ginormous void left by the departure of him and his skilled voice box, but then came Ashe O'Hara and won us over. It remains to be seen how Daniel Tompkins fares live now that he has an album worth of new material waiting for him to add his touch. Regardless, whatever the combination is, it will be nothing short of spectacular, if any of you remember how electrifying the in-studio and on-stage chemistry was in this line up. All kinds of new music is headed your way! Stay tuned and listen below!

– Aurko & Mike

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