Someone once described this band to me as "Meshuggah with an orchestra behind them". Sounds awesome, right?

Well, from the sounds of it, Xerath may be taking just a slightly different but entirely awesome direction with the addition of new stringsman Conor McGouran! They released a teaser for new material to show off the chops of their new comrade. It's impressive to say the least. Conor had the following to say…

"I'm absolutely thrilled to be a member of Xerath. This was the kind of thing I was looking to do since I started playing professionally but I never had the opportunity. I was real nervous initially as I was replacing such an amazing player but thankfully we immediately gelled as musicians and have become really good friends in the process. The level of musicianship in this band is crazy that I really had to up my game and I'm so proud of what we've done with this album".

Keep an eye on this band. They have plenty more news where that came from!

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