Alterbeast is the stuff of wicked, twisted bliss. Their full-length debut, "Immortal", crushed the minds and eardrums of many unsuspecting metalheads through it's release back in mid March. This venture was turned onto the masses through Unique Leader Records, through which it has been wreaking havoc ever since.

Everything about this record is awesome, from the stringed opening of "Flesh Bound Text" to the crushing ender "Throne of Maggots". Not to mention the beautiful artwork upfront (seriously… set phasers to stun!). It becomes abundantly clear that there's no shortage of headbang worthy material here. The band presents a sweet Death Metal sound with neo-classical and serious technical elements. And they do so without a hint of hesitation or failure as the music is coldy calculated and mericless in equal measure. These are the kinds of  musicians capable of surprising you while evoking nostalgia all at once. Impressive, to say the least.

Considering this is only the band's debut, the music already has a crisp, matured sound to it. From one metalhead to another, it really makes me wonder what this band will be capable of as they continue to grow as a death unit. I, for one, can't wait to see \m/

For now, "Immortal" easily stands among the best metal releases 2014 has to offer.

What are you waiting for!? Press "play" and get your damn cranium cracking!


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