Howdy Pardners, Cowpokes and All kinds of Gentlefolk!

Less than 2 weeks left before the true highlight of the festival season (Afterall what is Glastonbury but a trendy pulled pork and tofu sandwich of a holiday camp) kicks off and here I am with another riveting installment of my countdown. Or should I say Count-Ha-ha-ha-Down; because in true Sesame Street style todays show is brought to you by the letter A and the number 3. 



Danceable beats entwined in that effortless gallic way with highly complex time signatures, as well as the resounding punch of live drums is how this crusading gentleman (Rémi Gallego) has carved his niche in the music firmament.  And a pretty unique niche it is too, as they are ostensibly the only dance act that is marketed towards metalheads. They have been lauded by magazines and fans alike the world over, for both the fizzing freshness of their music and their scintillating live show, which is augmented by the incomparably talents of Mike Malyan of Monuments on drums.  Their fortuitous partnership, developed through Malyan posting a YouTube cover of an Algorithm track has lifted this act out of the "quite interesting" folder firmly into the essential category.



Being somehow both savage and melodic, Aliases have been plying the trade since forming in 2010 as the brainchild of Sikth guitarist Graham Pinney and his friend Leah Woodward.  Speedily coalescing into a full band they have toured all around the UK and Europe all the while pushing the envelope of their technically ebullient sound. Their first full length is now recorded and they are in the process of promoting a PledgeMusic campaign for funding its release.  Rapacious and exciting Aliases are embarking on what promises to be a big year.  Catch the first steps of that journey by seeing their TechFest Set.



This Cambridge quintet bring their own brand of creative, complex, melodic progressive metal to fans all over the world, along with their highly energized live shows. They released their 2nd album entitled "Enigma" in January of last year, which pushed Aeon Zen's already distinctive sound to new limits, still being adorned by early influences such as Dream Theater, Metallica and Opeth, as well as concocting their own unique sound and identity. This is the follow up to 2010's "The Face of the Unknown", which was released to considerable acclaim and garnered them a berth on a 12 country European tour supporting the Devin Townsend Project.

– John Whitmore




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